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Reviewed by Kathleen Capotosto

Mr. Carrot - Miniature Teddy Bunny. 
Very, very cute - he makes me smile every time!  I look at him, and that's a good thing! Thanks and thanks for the tiny surprise!

Отзыв от Маргариты

Reviewed by Kathleen Capotosto

 Strawberry King is very, very cute!!  He makes me smile!!  Thanks for everything!!

Отзыв от Татьяны

Reviewed by Aloxa Xyanita

Отзыв от Юлии

Reviewed by Lowenna Care

Отзыв от Оксаны

Reviewed by Patricia Pinto

Отзыв от Игоря

Reviewed by Jennifer Trevelise

Отзыв от Дианы

Reviewed by Alynn Forrest Fabian

Reviewed by Olga Pivovarova

Отзыв от Алевтины

Reviewed by Jennifer Trevelise

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