My new hobby is miniature antique bisque dolls - mignonette dolls.

My new hobby is antique bisque miniature dolls (Limbach, Hertwig) - tiny mignonette dolls. I have in my collection 4 antique miniature dolls of different height.


 I want to introduce my vintage bisque dolls for you. I am learning to sew and knit clothes for them, this is a difficult process, because the dolls are very small. My micro teddy bears are great friends for miniature mignonette dolls. I get great pleasure when I sew micro teddy bears, create miniature clothes for my antique porcelain dolls, and photograph my works. Micro teddy bears you can buy in my store, link Etsy shop on front page. I do not sell my bisque dolls, but I plan to create in the future, several miniature vintage dolls with antique heads and a set of clothes for the play, you look into my shop on Etsy.


Miniature teddy elephant best friend for miniature dolls, mignonette dolls, lati dolls, blythe dolls or other.
micro teddy bear and bisque mignonette doll for 12th scale dollhouse
miniature vintage porcelain dolls with miniture teddy elephant
antique bisque mignonette doll with micro teddy bears